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Re: Check a process (specifically its memory consumption) only if it exi

From: Alan Christie
Subject: Re: Check a process (specifically its memory consumption) only if it exists?
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 21:27:57 +0000

Thanks Lutz,

Sadly I always get an “alert”, with the description "process is not running”. It makes sense, the process is not running. But I don’t care if the process is not running - I’m only interested in alerts if the process is running and the memory consumption is too high.

It looks like I have to provide my own script to do the logic and do something like…

check program blob path /usr/local/bin/ timeout 10 seconds
  if status != 0 then alert

Sadly this means I have to put the logic and thresholds in the script so it’s not as easy to adjust as the test (if memory usage > 8 MB) is now in the script/program.

Ideally, my problem would be solved if I could disable the "process is not running” alert.

Alan Christie

On 8 Nov 2018, at 6:49 pm, address@hidden wrote:

Hello Alan,
you can use something like this to enable memory monitoring only.

check process blob matching “blob-process”
 start program "your command"
 stop program "your command"
 if memory usage > 8 MB then alert
 mode passive

Monit does not start the application, the mode is passive, but monitor the matched process.
But  you should not stop the application via monit, because the service  became "Not monitored" and the memory check will disabled also.

A suggestion only,
with regards,


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