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RE: Tweaking alert mails

From: Sorin Srbu
Subject: RE: Tweaking alert mails
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 06:45:56 +0000

Hi and thanks,

Yes, that's exactly what I had.

Yesterday I tweaked the Alerts settings from the admin web-GUI instead. 
What I changed was setting maximum events to 20 and interval to 15 minutes.
Haven't had any alerts at all since for the problem host, it's all green.

I understand the Alerts settings in the GUI is a global setting, but  does
it somehow interfere or something with individual settings on particular
hosts? Or is the behavior I see now expected?

Thanks for the documentation link, I'll recheck it again for other clues.


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> Sent: den 7 november 2018 21:38
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> Subject: Re: Tweaking alert mails
> Hello,
> are use using something like this
> alert address@hidden with reminder on 10 cycles
> > Is there a way to make this particular alert be emailed once a day
> > of every hour?
> >
> > I've checked the documentation about alerts, cycles and related but
> > can't make the behavior change.
> You can increase the number of cycles for the reminder, but I don't know
> the maximum value. See
> reminder
> for more information.
> A suggestion only,
> Lutz
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