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Improvement suggestion: versioned documentation

From: Nils Steinger
Subject: Improvement suggestion: versioned documentation
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 17:47:02 +0200
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Dear Monit developers,

currently, the online documentation only covers the most recent Monit
However, due to packaging delays and version freezes for various *nix
distributions, it is often not possible to have the most recent version
installed at all times.

It would be very helpful to keep the documentation for previous versions
online when a new version is released.
That way, a user could quickly check the docs for their Monit version
without having to connect to their actual Monit machine.
It would also make it possible to run diff on two documentation versions
to get a quick overview of any new features or changed configuration
options (more concise and less confusing than digging through all
release notes, since the changes from one release might have been
changed again by a later one).

The change could be as easy as renaming monit.html to something like
monit-5.23.html and symlinking monit.html to the most recent version on
your server.
Alternatively, there are also externally hosted solutions like that can re-generate the directory structure
automatically whenever a new commit is made or a new version is

Could you please consider implementing this?
The usability improvement it provides would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Nils Steinger

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