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Add pipe in program

From: Oscar Segarra
Subject: Add pipe in program
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 22:16:01 +0100


I'd like to execute a pipe in the program check:

check program check-nfs-resources with path "showmount -e localhost |grep nfs_resource"
    with timeout 25 seconds
    depends on check-nfs-ganesha-service
    if status != 0 for 3 cycles then exec "/usr/sbin/service nfs-ganesha restart"
    if status != 0 within 60 cycles then unmonitor

But it looks the "|" is "deleted" from my command line. I've tried to scape it with "\" but It doesn't work either.

Is there any trick to be able to do this? 

Thanks a lot,

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