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"check file" not working as expected

From: Tim.Einmahl
Subject: "check file" not working as expected
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 14:58:52 +0000


we use monit to monitor application logfiles for certain strings like that:

check file appl1-log with path /some/where/appl1-log
if match "whatever" then alert

In case of a database maintenance, we set any of these to "unmonitor", e.g. 
"monit unmonitor appl1-log", so that we don't get flooded unnecessarily with 
unwanted mails. That works.

But if we monitor them again after maintenance is finished, then we always get 
a mail for matches that were found in the meantime. I expected the search to be 
started at the end of the file when running "monit monitor appl1-log". How can 
I achieve that?


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