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Re: Periodic Heartbeat EMails

From: Paul Tiseo
Subject: Re: Periodic Heartbeat EMails
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 16:59:06 +0000

So, I set monitrc to the below. Not sure where I am to add the "reminder" clause so that the heartbeat service is the one that emails me without fail (don't want this to apply to other services). Suggestions?

set daemon    60 with start delay 15
set logfile   /apps/monit.log
set pidfile   /apps/
set idfile    /apps/
set statefile /apps/state

set mailserver port 587
  username "address@hidden" password "aaa"
  using tlsv12

set httpd port 2182
  allow aaa:aaa
  signature disable

set alert address@hidden

#-- HEARTBEAT ---------------------------------------------------------
check host agp-heartbeat address every 2 cycles
  if failed ping then alert
  else if succeeded then alert

Paul Tiseo, address@hidden

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