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Re: Disable TLSv1.0

From: Phil Townes
Subject: Re: Disable TLSv1.0
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 22:46:20 +0100

Would proxying :2812 via Apache or nginx work for you? You'd then have total control over TLS versions and cipher suites.

On some servers I've got :2812 set to only be accessible to localhost, and then set up a SSH tunnel to 2812 when I need to access monit.  I figure if the port isn't listening on an accessible network interface you can't be in breach of compliance requirements.

Hope that helps.

On 20 Aug 2016 20:21, "Jeremey Hustman" <address@hidden> wrote:
Is there a way to disable tlsv1.0?  In my montirc I have 

set ssl {
    verify: enable,
    version: tlsv11,
    version: tlsv12

But still TLSv1.0 is enabled, and adding -tlsv10 (like in apache) doesn't work.

To be able to pass PCI Compliance on this particular server I need to disable this on this specific port (2812)

Thank you,

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