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Connection testing via Basic Authorization not working (was: Not using m

From: Marcus Mülbüsch
Subject: Connection testing via Basic Authorization not working (was: Not using method "HEAD" for connection testing)
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 17:56:41 +0200
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Hello list,

I want to check a remote host which uses Authorization for access. However, monit always gets an 401 response.

I changed my configuration to port 80 so I can tcpdump the traffic. I changed username and password to wiki:pedia, because the German Wikipedia uses this pair to demonstrate base64 encoding.

   My config thus is:

check host PBX-Alarms with address
        if failed
                port 80
                protocol http
                request "/LOG0/FAULT/mod_cmd.xml?cmd=xml-alarms"
                use http headers [Authorization: "Basic d2lraTpwZWRpYQ=="] # 
        then alert

   When using links as browser from the same machine I see the request

GET /LOG0/FAULT/mod_cmd.xml?cmd=xml-alarms HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Links (2.8; Linux 3.10.40-vs2.3.6.8 x86_64; GNU C 4.6.4; text)
Authorization: Basic d2lraTpwZWRpYQ==

   and the server responds with:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

   Using monit, the request is:

GET /LOG0/FAULT/mod_cmd.xml?cmd=xml-alarms HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Monit/5.17.1
Authorization:Basic d2lraTpwZWRpYQ==

   and the response is:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

I'm not quite sure whether the missing space between "Authorization:" and "Basic" is mandated by RFC 2616, but that seems to be the only functional difference.

   Is this a monit bug? Or a server bug? Or is my configuration wrong?

   Thank you,


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