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apache failed to start | false positive?

From: shadow
Subject: apache failed to start | false positive?
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 12:06:59 +0200

Hello monit community,

since I upgraded my servers to debian jessie I encountered the following

Monit says it cannot start my apache2 anymore. Initialization failed.
The log says:

> Jul 23 11:59:00 www-xeon monit[495]: 'apache' process is not running
> Jul 23 11:59:00 www-xeon monit[495]: 'apache' trying to restart
> Jul 23 11:59:00 www-xeon monit[495]: 'apache' start: /etc/init.d/apache2
> Jul 23 12:00:00 www-xeon monit[495]: 'apache' failed to start (exit status 0) 
> -- /etc/init.d/apache2: Starting web server: apache2.

But it actually restarts the apache process is restarted. But claim that
it fails and unmonitors the service in the webgui. But if I stop the
apache again, monit kicks in and restarts it. So there seem to be two
false positives

At first I thought it could the wrong .pid entry in
/etc/monit/conf.d/apache. But that wasnt the case. (Changed in debian
jessie from /var/run/apache2 to /var/run/apache2/ )

> check process apache with pidfile "/var/run/apache2/"
>   start program = "/etc/init.d/apache2 start" with timeout 60 seconds
>   stop program  = "/etc/init.d/apache2 stop"
>   if cpu > 60% for 2 cycles then alert
>   if cpu > 80% for 5 cycles then restart
>   if children > 250 then restart
>   if loadavg(5min) greater than 10 for 8 cycles then stop
>   group server

Does anyone had similiar issues? Am  I missing something?

thanks for this great tool - love it :)

cheers shadow //

best regards | viele Gruesse, address@hidden

receive my key: gpg --keyserver --recv-keys

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