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Re: notification of (action) restarts aren't sent

From: Jo Rhett
Subject: Re: notification of (action) restarts aren't sent
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 03:16:18 -0700

On Jun 11, 2015, at 3:00 AM, Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:
> *I’m* talking about the event type.
> I tried to explain to you that the “action” option in the alert filter which 
> you used:
>       set alert address@hidden only on { action, connection, content, data, 
> exec, fsflags, gid, icmp, invalid, permission, resource, size, timeout, 
> timestamp, uid }

Which I removed, as mentioned in my second post. I’m now getting alerts of 
every type.

> is the *event type* which is triggered under different circumstances then you 
> though - that’s the whole point. The context of “set alert” event filter is 
> “surprisingly” described under ALERT related section (not ACTION section): 
> You just don’t want to hear the explanation and continue your own 
> misinterpretation - i’m stopping the discussion here as its pointless.

You still aren’t listening, and you aren’t reading the page we are discussing. 
It very clearly says "send an alert". It DOES NOT say that it generates an 
event that would match some type in the list below. It says it sends an alert. 
Those are its exact words. 

The reason there’s no connection between these two parts of the manual in my 
mind is BECAUSE THERE IS NO CONNECTION. The words do not say there is a 

What you keep saying (if I understand you correctly) is that the alert is 
generated by the original event (the check failure) and sent at that time, 
BEFORE the restart. Then the restart happens, and CONTRARY TO THE VERY CLEAR 
TEXT IN THE “Service Texts” section, an alarm is not generated when the restart 
DOES. Then another event occurs which is observation of restored function, for 
which an event is triggered, and an alarm is generated.

Dude, it’s RIGHT THERE in plain english. If you want to say that actions taken 
generate no additional alarms, then MODIFY THE TEXT THAT SAYS THE WORDS  “and 
send an alert”.  Stop pissing off potential customers who read your very 
explicit words and point out that it doesn’t do what it says.

If you want to say that something creates and event of a certain type to be 
handled by an event handler, then say that. But when you say “send an alert” 
you are making a very clear and specific statement about an action that you 
aren’t actually taking.

Jo Rhett
+1 (415) 999-1798
Skype: jorhett
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