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Monitoring the disk usage of the contents of a folder.

From: Borg Cardona, Jack
Subject: Monitoring the disk usage of the contents of a folder.
Date: Fri, 08 May 2015 10:30:00 +0100


As the subject suggests what i want to monitor is something pretty simple but i'm definitely not getting the right results. 

The rule I have is;

check filesystem "cgi_frozen_archive" with path /opt/splunk/frozenarchive/cgi
if space usage > 250 gb then alert

A 'monit status' outputs the following:

Filesystem 'cgi_frozen_archive'
status Accessible
monitoring status Monitored
permission 7374
uid 0
gid 254500250
filesystem flags 0x1000
block size 4.0 kB
space total 1.1 TB (of which 5.1% is reserved for root u


I'm concerned that the output is showing me the size of the folder not of its contents? Having looked through the manual - how can I adjust this rule to show the size of the folder's contents? Since there are multiple files in there and new ones being created by software on the system a fully defined path is not possible. 




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