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pausing checks after a restart

From: Bryan Larsen
Subject: pausing checks after a restart
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 07:09:43 -0400

Here's my problematic monit conf:

check program pingDispatcher with path "/usr/bin/node /.../pingDispatcher.js ..." timeout 60 seconds
    if status != 0 then alert
    if status != 0 then exec "/usr/sbin/service dispatcher restart"

The problem is that the pingDispatcher script will fail for a few minutes after every restart, so we get into an infinite restart loop.

I can fix that by using an "every X cycles" clause, where X is large, but that makes the original check much less useful -- it really should be running quite frequently.

Is there any way to pause the check for a few cycles after a failure?


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