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From: Martin van Diemen
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 13:12:43 +0100


I've just installed the binary release which works great.

I do have a virtual interfaces namede eth0:0. Monit would not recognise the interface when reloading monit:
/etc/monit/conf.d/network:7: syntax error ':'

When using quotes monit starts but monit.log shows:
[CET Mar 18 13:04:32] error    : 'eth0:0' link data gathering failed -- Cannot read /sys/class/net/eth0:0/operstate -- No such file or directory

Does monit support virtual interfaces?


On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 1:09 PM, Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:
We're sorry we provide only source code release and binary releases as tar.gz archive, but no deb/rpm packages ... the Debian package maintainers are very pro-active and keep the Monit package updated, you can try to rebuild it for Ubuntu: 

Best regards,

On 18 Mar 2015, at 11:18, Martin van Diemen <address@hidden> wrote:

Thanks Martin,

$ monit -V
This is Monit version 5.6

Do you know a repository with a recent version? Thanks.



On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 11:04 AM, Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:

please check your Monit version (monit -V), the network monitoring was added in Monit 5.11.


On 18 Mar 2015, at 10:37, Martin van Diemen <address@hidden> wrote:


I want to monitor my network interfaces with monit.

I've created the following basic config file:
check network eth0 with interface eth0
       if changed link then alert

When reloading monit it would not load this config file:
/etc/monit/conf.d/network:1: Error: syntax error 'eth0'

I've different machines (all Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) different interfaces (eth0, eth1, lo) without any luck.

According to the manual it should be that simple:

Any thoughts? Many Thanks!

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