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pagerduty integration with M/Monit

From: Paul Theodoropoulos
Subject: pagerduty integration with M/Monit
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 12:19:16 -0800
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I'm trying to use pagerduty for alerting. I use M/Monit as the one-stop gateway for all alert management. Since I'd rather not have to modify several hundred monitoring rules across many servers, I've tried using the 'execute program' action in M/Monit to trigger alerts via the pagerduty API. It works - sort of. If I use "/usr/local/bin/pagerduty-trigger $MONIT_SERVICE", it'll send me an alert if I kill off crond for example. reports that crond failed...on my M/Monit server, rather than the source server. If I use $MONIT_HOST - well, then it reports "localhost failed on (my monit server)".

The pagerduty trigger/resolve scripts only take one argument. Their integration page:


Paul Theodoropoulos

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