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Re: disagrement: Orion vs monit

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: disagrement: Orion vs monit
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 14:46:12 +0200

Yes, monit dns protocol test checks the DNS root zone ("."). If the nameserver was responding to requests then the protocol request passed. I'm not sure about your Orion configuration - if it checks for some specific zone or record, it may detect different kind of problem. We'll extend the DNS protocol test in the future to allow custom queries.

In the meantime you can use "check program" with custom nslookup/dig based script and specific query.


On 19 Sep 2014, at 13:38, Len Conrad <address@hidden> wrote:

3 monit machines probe 2 recursive DNS, 2 sec timeout, 2 times, 2 cycles, 120 minute cycle, with the standard

if failed port 53 use type udp protocol dns

an Orion machine probes the DNSs, also

a couple days ago, the orion machine reported DNS failure on one DNS server for 1+ hours, while 3 monit machines didn't send any DNS alert, and did not log even 1 DNS timeout.

what does monit do to monit port 53?  still just query for "." zone?

send a UDP packet?

see if it's UDP-listening? doesn't show any way for monit to send an actual DNS query.  Is there a way w/o an execute "script"?


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