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Re: Non-email alerts

From: Alex Litvak
Subject: Re: Non-email alerts
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 13:42:49 -0500
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Right now alert is being send implicitly on start / restart. Is there a way to do restart + alert exec then?

I want process to restart and notify service foo by a custom protocol. I can, as an option, create an exec script to do restart and notify. However there is a known issue with using exec for restart which will probably be fixed with a new scheduling engine implemented. The other option for me would be to write a wrapper for a start up script of each program I monitor. I would rather have an alert setting to execute something passing the monit information to it

alert option exec foo

So foo could get process id of failed program, process / command name, error message text, ... etc


On 05/29/2014 10:09 AM, Martin Pala wrote:
Such mechanism is in place already ... see the "exec" action.


On 29 May 2014, at 17:00, Sergey Maslyakov <address@hidden> wrote:

What would it take to extend the alerting system to allow for an external 
program to run in response to the alert condition? This way, alerts can be 
anything: SNMP traps, alarms in an operations and administration management 
system, etc.

Email is a good notification mechanism but it is a pretty narrow use case in 
more elaborate management systems.

Maybe there is a way to harvest the "event queue" on disk by an external 

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