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Re: Per application stats in mmonit?

From: Sean Penticoff
Subject: Re: Per application stats in mmonit?
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 09:40:36 -0700
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Hi, I've asked about this before but didn't get a working answer. We have several user processes we monitor because we want to mine the cpu and memory stats. We don't really care if the process is running or not running but doing things in this way makes the summary dashboard for M/Monit useless because of all the alerts that these processes are not running or have started or stopped.
Our basic config for doing this looks like this

check process downsampler
    matching "downsampler"
    mode passive
    group processing
    if cpu is greater than 90% for 5 cycles then alert
    if memory is greater than 90% for 5 cycles then alert

Is there a way to get monit or m/monit to ONLY alert/log an event for defined conditions or to ignore certain groups? I'd really just like to get them to stop popping up in Active errors and warnings everytime a process stops or isn't running as it really gets in the way of catching more serious problems like file system full.

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