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Re: restarting ffmpeg process

From: Anthony Griffiths
Subject: Re: restarting ffmpeg process
Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 12:33:30 +0100

I think I realise now what the (simple) problem is.
monit does not line '/bin/sh /root/', I need to use something else but I don't know what.

On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 11:47 AM, Anthony Griffiths <address@hidden> wrote:
thanks for your further help on this weedy. I've succeeded in getting ffmpeg to create a pid file by tagging ' pidof ffmpeg > /var/run/' onto the end of the ffmpeg command. I''ve also made sure the permissions are chmod 777 on the pid file however the monit log keeps showing:
error    : 'stream' process is not running
error    : monit: Start or stop method not defined -- process stream

in monitrc I have:
check process stream with pidfile /var/run/
       start = "/bin/sh /root/"
I've made sure that is chmod 777 as well and the command /bin/sh /root/ in the console starts the ffmpeg process ok.
If I start the ffmpeg process manually the monit log shows:
info     : 'stream' process is running with pid <number>
but when the ffmpeg process stops the monit log goes back to:
error    : 'stream' process is not running
error    : monit: Start or stop method not defined -- process stream

On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 7:09 AM, Weedy <address@hidden> wrote:
On 06/05/14 06:03 PM, Anthony Griffiths wrote:
> I wrote a script called that follows your instructions
> but even though ffmpeg starts fine it does not create a pid file. I
> created this:
> *long-ffmpeg-command &*
> *pid=$!*
> *echo $pid > /var/run/*
cat > /root/
if [ ! -d /var/run/ ]; then mkdir -p /var/run/; fi
if [ -f /var/run/ ]; then rm /var/run/; fi

/usr/bin/ffmpeg -a -lot -of -options &
sleep 3 # make sure it's given enough time to start/die??
echo $(pidof --single-shot ffmpeg) > /var/run/

<hit ctrl+d after at least one blank line>
chmod +x /root/ # not really needed
> but this didn't work and and after trawling google and trying a few
> variations the script still does not create a pid file.
> in monitrc I have:
> *check process stream with pidfile /var/run/*
> *       start = "/usr/bin /root/"*
> and monit starts without any complaints

I... what? /usr/bin is a directory. This is probably why $! failed for
you, your not running the file with a specific interpreter. Hard code
the interpreter so this never happens again.

start = "/bin/sh /root/"

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