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Monit does not start flxlm

From: Hearns, John
Subject: Monit does not start flxlm
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 16:58:27 +0000

I am using Monit to monitor and restart if necessary some Flexlm licensing servers.


I am checking if port 1999 is open on a remote server, and restarting f necessary.

The snippet is:



check host license3 with address


start program = "/usr/bin/ssh  license3 /sbin/service flexlm start"  with timeout 20 seconds

stop  program = "/usr/bin/ssh  license3 /sbin/service license stop"   with timeout 20 seconds

     if failed port 1999 type tcp with timeout 5 seconds then restart


If I stop the license server Monit will detect this, and I can see that the stop then start command is run.

The frustrating thing is that the Flexlm server immediately dies.


I can start the license server OK when running that ssh command fromt he command line.


If I install monit locally on the license server license3 and use


start program = “/sbin/service flexlm start”


I get the same thing, ie the command line works, but when Monit runs the command it does not.


Am I barking up a wrong tree here – does Monit always require a PID for a process, even though all I want to do is monitor a port?




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