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Restarting monit services through an API

From: Callum Macdonald
Subject: Restarting monit services through an API
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 17:06:14 +0100


I'd like to be able to restart a service that's managed by monit,
programmatically, from a remote host.

I was imagining something along the lines of:

I'd like to use something like that to restart a service, rather than
simply retrieve status information. Is that possible?

I'm guessing I could generate a POST submission to the appropriate URL
based on the HTML of the status interface, but I wondered if there was a
more elegant solution. Any thoughts?

Cheers - Callum.

Callum Macdonald

UK mobile: +44 7968 378 810
Norway mobile: +47 9346 4422
Desk: +44 845 126 0875

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