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Re: WWW::Mechanize script fails when integrated with monit

From: Tomas Nunez
Subject: Re: WWW::Mechanize script fails when integrated with monit
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:44:46 +0200

I would suggest to write some errors to stderr in every possible exit, so you'll get rid of "no output to stderr" and get a real error instead.

No clue in the first one, though...

2012/8/16 Zippy Zeppoli <address@hidden>
HI List,
I have sort of a complex issue. I create a simple perl script to log into a Web site and fill out some forms, log in, and then get a response. I put this into a wrapper shell script and then hooked it up to Monit's "check program" feature. This is kind of a long winded issue. I think having this kind of functionality built into monit would be awesome, but I understand it would complicate it's simplicity.

I am now receiving alerts with error messages such as :
    Description: status failed (1) for /etc/monit.scripts.d/urlCheck/ Error: Error POSTing Not Found at /etc/monit.scripts.d/urlCheck/ line 158.

    Description: status failed (1) for /etc/monit.scripts.d/urlCheck/ Error: no output to stderr..

There are 5 scripts like this which are all similar. originally they ran every minute, I adjusted them to run every 5 minutes to see if it was a problem with the interval causing errors, but this did nothing.

Furthermore, I can rapid-fire these scripts on the command line, but when they are run with monit, it creates these alerts and errors out with false positives all the time.

Any suggestions or insights are appreciated.

Thank you,Z

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