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Monit reload not working

From: Mauro Asprea
Subject: Monit reload not working
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 10:37:36 +0200
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I compiled latest Monit 5.3.2 in a webfaction shared host. After editing and trying to reload the config file, the reload does not work. It "Reinitializes" the process but it never really restarts

log when reload

[CDT Apr 13 03:33:11] info     : Reinitializing monit daemon
[CDT Apr 13 03:33:11] info     : Awakened by the SIGHUP signal
[CDT Apr 13 03:33:11] info : Reinitializing monit - Control file '/home/entretenerse/etc/monitrc'
[CDT Apr 13 03:33:11] info     : Shutting down monit HTTP server
[CDT Apr 13 03:33:11] info     : monit HTTP server stopped

and stays there... There is no monit process, nor pid.

What I'm doing wrong? This is part of my monitrc:

set daemon  60
set pidfile  /home/entretenerse/webapps/entretenerse/shared/pids/
set logfile /home/entretenerse/webapps/entretenerse/shared/log/monit.log
set statefile /home/entretenerse/var/.monit.state
set idfile /home/entretenerse/var/
set mailserver port 587
    username "address@hidden" password "wackawack "
    using tlsv1 with timeout 60 seconds
set mail-format { from: address@hidden
set alert address@hidden with reminder on 10 cycles
set httpd port 43102

check process ....


Mauro Asprea

E-Mail: address@hidden
Mobile: +34 654297582
Skype: mauro.asprea

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