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public repository for monit checks?

From: Tom H
Subject: public repository for monit checks?
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 08:18:48 +0000
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I see the configuration examples page; and that there are lots of examples on the web of scripts that can be dropped into /etc/monit.d/*.conf

However would there be any value, (and does this exist already?) of a public svn or git repository to contain a set of basic checks for httpd, mysql, tomcat etc.

I am aware that this would require a little bit of customization to match different distributions, but if you are not using a package with redhat or debian file system layouts, then you are probably a roll-your-own sort anyway, and wouldn't be interested.

Conditional executional could be achieved by having a install script to test for packages similar to munin, and having a parallel folder which you link in as required for example;


and then to enable the checks symlink in the ones you want ie;

ln -s /usr/share/monit/monit.d/tomcat6.conf /etc/monit.d/tomcat6.conf

Or do it all automatically by testing for the packages with a script...


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