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alternate (fail-over) processes

From: Mike Schmidt
Subject: alternate (fail-over) processes
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 17:03:23 -0400

I have a situation where I have a process that needs to be watched, and restarted as monit usually does. However, when this service cannot start (let's say for example, that it is unable to reach its master site) a fail-over process is started, with a different pid file. I don't want the fail-over process to appear in monit as an unmonitered or stopped service, so that m/monit always says "all services running" when the main service is running. And, on top of that, if the fail-over is running, after the alert is sent, and the fail-over is running, I still want m/monit to say "all services running".

So, is there a way to tell monit to "ignore" a service?  I have not found anything except stop and unmonitored as states for a service.

Another option would be to be able to specify alternate pid files (as in: "check process with pid or pid or pid" )

Maybe this is really more a question for m/monit, since in this case it's m/monit that decides what it means to have "all services running", and it's really the m/monit status page and dashboard I'm worried about.

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