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Re: OpenBSD portable binary (Was Re: Help on building MONIT on Solaris x

From: Kevin Chadwick
Subject: Re: OpenBSD portable binary (Was Re: Help on building MONIT on Solaris x86-64)
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 18:03:41 +0000

On Tue, 12 Apr 2011 08:24:09 -0700
TimH wrote:

> Every release of OpenBSD is a version bump.  There aren't major
> and minor versions.  4.7 is a version.  4.8 is a version.

Yes the OpenBSD code is almost always high quality and aims to be bug
free at all times but is a moving target called current with snapshots
every few days which is what all the developers and OpenBSD desktops
use. They don't do testing or beta versions as you get bugs even in well
developed code and won't give any developers an excuse. Every 6 months
and as planned current becomes a release and everything is to be tested
to make sure server systems have a very stable system that users can
compare with each other. Linux is made of packages. OpenBSD has a base
system and then packages and ports with non-bsd licensed code. The
developers mainly care about security, code quality and the ability to
use the system for ALL purposes especially their own (including for all
products) via a bsd license.

This doesn't make it the easiest to use and update, though they do a
damn fine job with their man power. pkg_add also puts apt to shame in
some respects.

It does however mean that it is less than 600M (base is <200M) and can
be installed in literally under 5 minutes. So it is dead quick to
install and recompile monit anyway.

I'll be doing that every 6 months but I wouldn't have thought you'd
trust a strangers binary blobs.

Anyway it won't take long at all for anyone to recompile from your
sources for OpenBSD. :-)

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