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Duplicate alerts

From: Kevin Chadwick
Subject: Duplicate alerts
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 20:40:18 +0000

I'm running 5.2.3 on OpenBSD.

In the man page it says.

"If monit cannot connect to the first server in the list it will try
the second server and so on"

I have in monitrc

set alert address@hidden
set alert address@hidden

set mailserver localhost port 70, localhost port 70,
port 465 username "name" password "pass" using tlsv1 with timeout 20

Not a big problem but I'd like to only receive a mail at the yahoo
account if the other account isn't receiving, but I get two emails from
my faithful employee in the localhost mail account in quick succesion
and a failure to yahoo in monits logs and an invalid yahoo recipient in
my mail server logs.

I'm testing offline at the minute and so will try online just 1
localhost and the yahoo account but am expecting to get an alert to
both accounts.

Anyone know how or if I can fix some or all of this?

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