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Question about reminder...

From: Andy Scutt
Subject: Question about reminder...
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:54:01 +0100

I'm just evaluating m/monit for a possible rollout in my employers datacentre and I can't get part of the alerting to work.  I hope you can help :)
How does the reminder keyword work in the m/monit context? I only seem able to use reminder if I have an actual email in the alert section of a service, for example, I want to do this:
check host 2e2_Reading_Application_Server_VLAN with address
  if failed icmp type echo count 5 with timeout 15 seconds then alert with reminder on 1 cycle
but monit won't let me. I can only do it if I set an email address in each check.
Surely I must be able to set reminder as a system wide setting somewhere?
Many thanks
  Andy Scutt
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