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enable monitoring (in daemon mode) for a service without using the web i

From: Daniel Maher
Subject: enable monitoring (in daemon mode) for a service without using the web interface ?
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 16:38:26 +0200
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I am using Puppet (like cfengine) to distribute, among other things, configuration snippets for Monit on a series of servers. For example, if i deploy the HTTPd service to a given server, then along with the Apache config and so forth, an appropriate Monit configuration is placed into /etc/monit.d/httpd as well. This works great, except for one thing : the service starts as "not monitored" by default in Monit.

Is there a way to activate monitoring of a given service without using the web interface ? For one machine it's not a big deal, but given the size of the farm, doing it manually (and it sort of defeats the purpose of automated management tools).

The help text for Monit states, rather tantalisingly :
 monitor name   - Only enable monitoring of the named service
However, this is only for non-daemon instances, and my instance is already daemonised from the start.

Any ideas on how i could work around / solve this issue ? Thanks, and have a great day !

Daniel Maher <dma PLUS monit AT witbe DOT net>
"The Internet is completely over." -- Prince

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