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[monit] M/Monit host table weirdness

From: Dean Tabor
Subject: [monit] M/Monit host table weirdness
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 08:40:59 -0700

Hello -

I've been seeing some strange behaviour in the host display table in M/Monit (Admin -> Hosts).

1.  The M/Monit log shows several systems checking in, but they do not appear in the host table
2.  One of the hosts that does show up, the IP address shown by M/Monit changes with each screen refresh

I'm beginning to think there is a database corruption in the M/Monit DB?  I am using Postgres.

I can send log files and screen shots to you if you would like to see more detail - please email me directly if you do.

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