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Re: [monit] Problem with monit's "not monitoring" status

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [monit] Problem with monit's "not monitoring" status
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 22:56:52 +0100

Hi David,

the service is unmonitored on stop ... the service start enables monitoring 
again, so it's not expected to see unmonitored service after start.

It seems to me that your 'backgroundrb' service has no "start program = ..." in 
your monit config file. If the "start program" would be defined, it should log 
similar message to "'backgroundrb' stop: /usr/local/bin/backgroundrb_wrapper", 
but with "start" word instead of "stop". The message is missing in the log so 
it was logged either past 11:45:32 (which is likely of start is defined) or 
start program is not defined and thus service was not started - check maybe 
timed out (don't know your configuration so i cannot say) ... or maybe somebody 
stopped it again.

Please can you provide full monit configuration for 'backgroundrb' service and 
rest of debug log between 11:44:48 and 12:08:33?

Are you able to reproduce the issue on will? I tried to replicate the problem 
but it works fine for me.

Best regards,

On Feb 22, 2010, at 3:02 PM, David Bristow wrote:

> We are having trouble with certain services managed by monit that do
> not restart as they should after being shut down and then started up
> again.
> For example, we use backgroundrb.  Someone shut it down for updating,
> and started it up afterwards.  Here is a sample section of the
> monit.log  that shows what was happening at the time:
> [EST Feb 19 11:44:48] debug    : stop service 'backgroundrb' on user request
> [EST Feb 19 11:44:48] info     : monit daemon at 19023 awakened
> [EST Feb 19 11:45:10] error    : 'syslog-ng' failed to start
> [EST Feb 19 11:45:10] info     : 'backgroundrb' stop:
> /usr/local/bin/backgroundrb_wrapper
> [EST Feb 19 11:45:19] debug    : start service 'backgroundrb' on user request
> [EST Feb 19 11:45:19] info     : monit daemon at 19023 awakened
> [EST Feb 19 11:45:31] info     : 'backgroundrb' start action done
> [EST Feb 19 11:45:32] info     : Awakened by User defined signal 1
> And at 12:09AM, this is the "monit status" for backgroundrb:
> Process 'backgroundrb'
>  status                            not monitored
>  monitoring status                 not monitored
>  data collected                    Fri Feb 19 12:08:33 2010
> Why does this happen?  We are using monit 5.0.3.
> -- 
> David Bristow <address@hidden>
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