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[monit] Recommendations

From: Thorsten Kampe
Subject: [monit] Recommendations
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 17:58:06 +0100
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I regularly have Monit reporting errors of services (SSH and VNC) on a 
remote machine while this machine is running a report. This report 
generation obviously stresses the remote machine so that it responds 
with a bigger delay than normal. I'm already running the report with 
"nice -n 19" so there is nothing I can do to make the report itself 
"nicer" (from my point of view).

I would like to get some recommendations on how to deal with this so I 
don't get any email when this happens (normally on Sunday between 23:00 
and 23:50). What would be the best "strategy"?

- Disable monitoring during that time?

- set the "cycles" higher?

- set the timeout higher

- something else?


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