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[monit] Monit wont start/stop any processes

From: Vaughan Magnusson
Subject: [monit] Monit wont start/stop any processes
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 11:05:40 +1200

Hi, I've got monit running on a linux vserver, installed in a custom location


which is the only suitable location according to the webhost providers. When I installed monit I used ./configure --prefix=/home/user

Monit itself runs, and sends me emails of it's activity, and the control file syntax is correct. However, monit cannot seem to start or stop anything - or even run the simplest of scripts. eg. As an experiment, I use 'monit stop all', to try to run a simple script (which simply adds the current time to a text file), with the stop directive configured as follows:

    stop = "/bin/bash /home/user/"

This fails to 'stop' (and says so in the log), but I cant figure out why this is failing. Can anyone help with this?


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