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[monit] Showing context for file changes

From: Pavel Shevaev
Subject: [monit] Showing context for file changes
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 16:49:20 +0400

Folks, monit is a great tool for watching for file content changes,
kudos to the author of this feature ;)
What I'm a bit missing is the possibility to show some context around
the changed lines, just like grep does with -A, -B, -C options.

It would be really cool to have such stuff in monit as well, e.g:

check file some.log with path /tmp/some.log
 if match "\[ERR\]" with context 3 then alert
 if match "\[WRN\]" with context after 2 then alert

I don't know the internals of monit well, so there is no patch from me
only the idea :)

Best regards, Pavel

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