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Re: [monit] Monitor mounts with monit

From: Andrew Holt
Subject: Re: [monit] Monitor mounts with monit
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:26:54 +0100


A simple is this. Lets say you have two mount points /media/nfs & / media/usb

Before you mount the device create an empty file at the mount point (I useually use UnMounted).

The test for unmounted is if file /media/nfs/UnMounted exists.

It's lighter than using mount and grep|sed|awk|perl


On 30 Jul 2009, at 13:47, Roman wrote:


I have a nfs mount and also an external USB hard drive, both of this
resources are mounted. Sometimes it unmounts for I don't know what
reason. How can I check with monit if it is mounted or not, and then
take an action?

I have tried with check filesystem, but monit gives me an error, it
recognizes the check file statement and considers "system" as a file
name, which is very incorrect, it may be a bug.
Can someone help me please?

Thank you.

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