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[monit] FTP monitoring

From: Giovanni D'Cristina
Subject: [monit] FTP monitoring
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:06:20 +1200

I want to monitor whether I can reach a FTP server on a remote host.

So I have added the following

check host QTCP with address
      if failed port 21 protocol ftp for 1 cycles then alert
      alert address@hidden with mail-format {
         subject: FTP Unreachable from  Server
      } with reminder on 30 cycles

But in the syslog I get

Jul 27 15:45:58 mdsg monit[3132]: FTP error: 220 Connection will close if idle more than 10 minutes.
Jul 27 15:45:58 mdsg monit[3132]: 'QTCP' failed protocol test [FTP] at INET[] via TCP

and monit sets the alert.

My understanding is that internally monit should see the 220 message as a good thing, but it seems to see it
as a failure.
Am I doing something wrong?

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