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[monit] monit upgrade

From: Gilad Benjamini
Subject: [monit] monit upgrade
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 15:51:19 -0800

I had a system running with monit 4.10.1
I executed the following sequence 
        1. Installed monit5.0beta6
        2. "monit stop all"
        3. Stopped monit
        4. Started monit
        5. "monit start all"

It turns out that in phase #2 some of the services (perhaps all of them, not
sure) didn't actually stop. Technically, in this phase a monit5.0 executable
was communicating with a monit4.10 daemon. I assume this might be an illegal
combination ?
Even if it is illegal, I don't think that this should have happened. I
suspect that phase #2 wrote a new state file which the existing daemon could
not handle.

I am guessing the right sequence is to install the new monit after stopping
the current one.

Is there a way to update monit without stopping all the services ? On
production machines this could be crucial.

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