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[monit] Monit and My Project

From: Shoaibi
Subject: [monit] Monit and My Project
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 00:54:55 +0500

Project on:

According to my project i need something which can take "service names" from java (or a java created file, or from any resource on which java can send/store information on) that it has to monitor and then whenever the "service" that is being monitored changes its status like gos to Sleep, or Zombie, it should reply to that java program (with or without the requirement of an intermediate script, like a perl script that take the name of changed service from monit and forwards to java) with the name of service Or it should send an sms on a specifiec number with the details of which service changed status when and to what...

So will monit do the task if i use it to integrate with my java project. I am a frequent Linux user, have some knowledge of perl, mysql, a intermediate C, bash, and a very little python, if that helps.

Please suggest a solution, if there is a better one in your mind, i would love to hear it...

Thanks and regards,
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