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[monit] Help trying to access monit httpd from remote computer

From: Jake Conk
Subject: [monit] Help trying to access monit httpd from remote computer
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 00:12:46 -0800


I am trying to setup monit so that I can access it remotely from my computer because I don't have a gui or a decent browser installed on my server to use the monit interface so anyways this is what I have in my config:

set httpd port 2812
        allow monit:secret

I then used lsof to make sure it was running which it is:

$> sudo lsof -i | grep monit
monit     6173   root    5u  IPv4 685820       TCP *:atmtcp (LISTEN)

It is actually running but when I try accessing it from my client computer ( it doesn't load anything, I just get an error message saying couldn't connect. On the server I have w3m (a text based browser) and it does load the monit web interface (hardly legible) but this is not what I want, I want to be able to access it from my computer.

So do I have to do anything else to allow monit to be accessible from any of my client computers? If I added "and use address" (which is the local ip address of the server) and check with lsof then it doesn't show anything running on port 2182 which I find a little fishy but I don't know what else to check.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

- Jake

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