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Re: [monit] monitoring nfs mounts

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [monit] monitoring nfs mounts
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 22:32:26 +0100
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Monit restart action requires the stop method, since it calls the stop method first and then start. You can add dummy method like:

  stop program = "/bin/true"


Teresa Havel wrote:
I did check the logs and it did show the error when the process was not running. Then in the next line it would say:
monit: Start or stop method not defined -- process tcpaprscvt
It would not start automatically. But it would work when I used the start service button on the browser interface. Based on the log message, I began to wonder if monit needed to have a stop method present in monitrc, even though it only needed to run the start method. I added a stop method, which was just the same method that I used in start, because I figured it wasn't going to have to use it anyway, it only uses the stop method if you select stop or restart. After I did that, it began to work properly, automatically starting the process when it determined it had stopped. I belileve that solves my problem for now. Thanks for the suggestions.

Martin Pala wrote:
You can run monit in verbose mode with -v options and check the monit logs. When the file is not available, then monit should report error.

You can also check the system logs and/or mnttab using monit's content test and check remote services using tcp/udp tests. You can also use hint no. 13 from monit's FAQ:


Leng Siakkhasone wrote:
I have a mail server that mount nfs mounts from a file server. I would like to be notified if/when the file server is unreachable by the mail server. I tried using a token file with the following:

# /homes/home01 is the nfs mount
check file home01 with path /homes/home01/monit.token
   group hyper

But that did not work. 'monit summary' still showed it as accessible even though the file server was offline.

I would appreciate any suggestions and/or strategies for monitoring an nfs mount. Thanks.


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