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[monit] Process Generates Two PIDs

From: Teresa Havel
Subject: [monit] Process Generates Two PIDs
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 11:16:39 -0600
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I have a process, tcpaprscvt, that when it is started, it actually generates two processes with two different pids. It does not create a pid file, so I will be using the suggestion(which I got from your archives) to create a pid file by adding this line at the end of my startup script: pgrep tcparscvt > /var/run/
The start up script(startAPRScvt) is currently:

cd /home/aprsd2
export TZ=CST6CDT
/home/aprsd2/tcpaprscvt -t -p 1 grb localhost 14579 &
/home/aprsd2/tcpaprscvt -t -p 1 crs localhost 14580 &

I works fine to manually restart the script. But as you can see, it actually starts two tcpaprscvt processes which each have their own pid. When I create the pid file, it has two pids in it. Will monit be able to handle this pid file properly? Thanks.

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