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Re: monit comparison to zabbix munin monitorix

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: monit comparison to zabbix munin monitorix
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 16:58:42 +0100
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Thanks for opinion :)

It's good to hear the users experiences and meanings about Monit for future Monit improvements.

Just few comments:

2) monit works only on Linux; whereas there are Zabbix clients for Windows and even MacOS (though we have not yet used the latter).

Monit works on several unixes:


There is also not actively maintained AIX and HPUX support (we have no access to these platforms).

Some user reported that he's using Monit on Windows via Cygwin. In the future (when M/Monit is released) it could be good to add support for Windows ...

Some more pointers:

3) Zabbix is much, much more powerful when it comes to collecting and presenting data.

The M/Monit should allow to centralize the management - collecting data from Monit agents and further process/present the data (alerts, trends, etc.), it also allows to manage the Monit agents remotely.

We are working on M/Monit hardly and plan to release it till the end of the March.


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