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Re: how to monitor "too many mysql connections"?

From: Allen Shaw
Subject: Re: how to monitor "too many mysql connections"?
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 13:27:09 -0600
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Allen Shaw wrote:

> Martin Pala wrote:
>> In the case that the anonymous account exists and is allowed to connect, monit can detect the 'too many connections' state, since this is different error in later phase then the above described case.
> Good point.  Likely I could do this as well:
> --8<--
> mysql> create database `empty_db`;
> mysql> grant usage on `empty_db.*` to ''@'localhost';
> --8<--
> This way I let monit connect to the server without letting '' @ 'localhost' connect to anything valuable.
Just to follow-up: yes this does work.

However, I'll offer again that it would seem more elegant to avoid creating a dummy database and instead configure monit to connect as a particular user. Nonetheless, I now have what I was after and am pretty happy about that.


- Allen

Allen Shaw                        address@hidden
UPF Data Services                              914.826.4622

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