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From: Eli Naeher
Subject: Variables/constants?
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 10:27:59 -0600


I see a discussion of variables in monit control files in the list archives, in 
which it's stated that they will probably not be implemented until the 5.x 
monit version due to requirements for control structures, branching, etc. I 
wonder if there is any chance of getting a simplified, stripped-down method for 
setting constants prior to that release? It would be very convenient for us to 
be able to set up reusable and includable control files for our applications 
and those it depends on, and to put a few variable assignments (for paths, 
usernames, etc.) in the master monitrc file so that they only need to be set 

Alternately, would it be possible to preserve the environment from which monit 
is invoked and make it available to the programs run by the monit 'exec' 


--Eli Naeher

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