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monit not saving monitoring status

From: Alex
Subject: monit not saving monitoring status
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 21:24:28 +0300
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When I do a reboot on a machine, kernel update usually, then I have to remove monit from inittab each time, be cause it wants to start some services too early, which would start by themselves otherwise. Now this should be handled pretty easily with monit unmonitor imho. If it's a planned reboot, then why not save the monitoring status in the state file too.

After doing some tests, it seems not to hold that info there. Any ideas how to accomplish that? I've read about putting sleep in front of the inittab line and other solutions, but I'd prefer monit to just remember, what it is monitoring.

alfa:~ # ps ax | grep monit | grep state
4755 ? Ssl 0:00 /usr/bin/monit -s /var/tmp/monit.state -c /etc/monitrc
alfa:~ # monit monitor all
alfa:~ # md5sum /var/tmp/monit.state
5068d20466a2fd65744db63f7b2c9a18  /var/tmp/monit.state
alfa:~ # monit unmonitor clamd
alfa:~ # md5sum /var/tmp/monit.state
5068d20466a2fd65744db63f7b2c9a18  /var/tmp/monit.state

Thanks for reading,

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