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Re: Check a string in a web page of more than 256 bytes

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: Check a string in a web page of more than 256 bytes
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 14:10:28 +0200

On 4. jul. 2006, at 13.27, David Llanos wrote:

is there a possibility to check (with the SEND/EXPECT schema) if a determined string is inside a web page, although it is not in the first 256 Bytes of the page???

No, send/expect is limited to testing the first 256 bytes. However you can use the url test to check for up to 1 MB of content in a web page. From the manual: Testing the content returned by the server is optional. If used, you can test if the content match or does not match a regular expression. Here's an example on how the URL statement can be used in a check service:

 check host FOO with address
      if failed url
         and content == 'action="j_security_check"'
      then ...
Monit will look at the content-length header returned by the server and download this amount before testing the content. That is, if the content-length is more than 1Mb or this header is not set by the server monit will default to download up to 1 Mb and not more.

Only the http(s) protocol is supported in an URL statement. If the protocol is https monit will use SSL when connecting to the server.

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