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Re: unmonitoring service

From: Michael Wikberg
Subject: Re: unmonitoring service
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 13:56:18 +0200
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Rishikesh Dongre wrote:
Anybody can help me on this?

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Subject: unmonitoring service


I am monitoring a file system. It is executing my command whenever matches the 
Also, I have specified not to monitor after some cycles if continuously being 
in matched state.

check device tmp path /tmp
   if space usage > 90% then exec "/my/command"
   if space usage > 90% for 10 cycles then unmonitored
should that not be "unmonitor" or is that just a typo in you mail?


But after the specified cycles, it sends "Resource limit matched" email alert and 
followed by "Resource limit passed" email alert (which is wrong indication).
Also in monitoring status, it shows monitored.

I expect that while unmonitoring, it should sent alert as mentioning "service is 

Please suggest how could I effectively control on email alerts?



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