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Re: exec-action

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: exec-action
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:17:03 +0100

On 23. jan. 2006, at 21.35, Martin Pala wrote:

Maybe we can add generic 'retry' argument to the action to set the count of actions performed when the service remains in the same state. Something like:

  if failed then <action1> [retry <x> [times]]
  [else if passed then <action2> [retry <y> [times]]]

Nice suggestion! +1

- add the 'retry' option to the <action> (value of -1 means no limits)

Or if not [retry] is used, defaults to no limits.

- try the action only once by default (even in the case of failed state)

Retry is better, for a process you may want monit to try and (re) start it on each poll-cycle until timeout. I just saw that with retry we do not need the timeout statement. Hmm :) Retry is a new paradigm which means we can refactor away timeout(?)

Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Mobil +47 97141255

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