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Feature Request

From: Tim.Einmahl
Subject: Feature Request
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 16:31:44 +0100


I am facing the problem with monit and heartbeat and server crashes, so
monit starts after crash-reboot manual services when it looks up it's
state file.
In the archives it was fist mentioned by Marco Bisioli in September
To resolve this issue, the use of a ramdisk or a cleanup-startscript was

I would be glad if monit could do this.
Here is one (hopefully not too stupid) suggestion:

As far as I understand the concept, when monit unexpectedly died and is
restarted ( for example
by init) then it should take a look at it's state table and control the
services as it did before
it died.

But when the server crashes and monit and all the controlled services
die, monit should 
not take a look at it's state table at system startup, because then it
happens that manual controlled 
services which were previously started, are restarted, although this
might not be wanted because heartbeat started them on the other node.

So couldn't monit when it starts and detects it's old state file,
compare the age of the file with the uptime of the server ?
If the uptime is smaller than the age of the state file then monit has
to assume that the server crashed and
ignores the old state file.
If the uptime is greater than the age of the state file then monit has
to assume that is was normally restarted manually or by init after it's
own crash and accepts the old state file like it does at the moment.


Tim Einmahl

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