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postgresql test

From: nonotats
Subject: postgresql test
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:41:25 +0900

Hi, every one.

As I need to watch PostgreSQL on my server, I wrote a protocol test, 
using libpq library. It works as I expected. PGSQL test is something 
like this:

int check_pgsql(Socket_T s) {
  const char *conninfo;
  PGconn     *conn;
  char        connstat;
  conninfo = "dbname=statdb port=5432";
  conn = PQconnectdb(conninfo);
  connstat = PQstatus(conn);
  if(connstat != CONNECTION_OK) {

But a couple of big questions are left unresolved;

1. The main goal was to do a "graceful" test in the postgres point of 
view. With monit's general purpouse test, postgres log gets filled up 
with "incomplete startup packet" every poll interval, say, every two 
minutes. HOW can I prevent monit from doing do_connect() ONLY in case 
proto be PGSQL, as check_pgsql() does its own peculiar test independent 
of raw connection made by monit ? I tried modifying socket.c:
socket_create_t() like;

if(port == 5432){
 <make a dummy NEW Socket_T S object and return it to caller routine 
before doing "if((s= create_socket(...>

but in vain.

2. As you can see, my poor check_pgsql() code has dbname and port hard-
coded. How can I build string variable conninfo in accordance with the 
setting in monitrc? I am a newbie in C programming.

These struggles would be unncessary only if I knew how to "speak" to 
postgres directly...

Best regards.

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