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Monit and Heartbeat

From: David Kwok Tai Wei
Subject: Monit and Heartbeat
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 05:49:14 +0800
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I would like to enquire on integration of Monit and Heartbeat.
I have created a pair of primary/slave servers such that
primary will failover to the slave, but slave will not failback
to primary when something goes wrong. I wanted this behaviour
so that there will not be any flipflop cases in situation
where it is not recoverable such as internet connection
goes offline for a long period of time.

Meanwhile I'm using hb_standby utility as a way to initiate
a failover from the primary. I wanted by scripts on the
pair of servers to be consistent for easy maintainance,
hence both monitrc script will exec hb_standby based on
service failure scenarios. This is causing a flipflop
situation, is there any other means of initiating a failover
such that if a failover is initiated in heartbeat, it will
honour the settings in where if auto_failback is off,
then even if the service died in the slave server, failback
will not occur? I assume hb_standby will not work in
the current situation ? Anyone with solutions ?

David, KWOK Tai Wei
Senior Software Engineer
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